Universidade em Belfast procura Professores Portugueses

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A Queen’s University em Belfast procura um ‘Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Portuguese’. O Português nativ0 é uma exigência, assim como o Doutoramento em estudos relevantes para a áreas abaixo especificadas. Os salários para estas duas posições são:
Lecturer: £33,230 – £48,729 por ano
Senior Lecturer: £47,314 – £59,896 por ano

To undertake research in line with the School’s research strategy, to teach at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and to contribute to School administration/outreach activity.


1. Develop and sustain a personal research plan by managing and undertaking research activities that will enhance the research profile of the subject area and the School.
2. Develop and/or sustain a high quality publication record by publishing research in refereed journals and presenting at conferences.
3. Carry out analysis, critical evaluations and interpretations using methodologies and other techniques appropriate to area of research.
4. Where appropriate, source and secure external funding in collaboration with others from the relevant funding bodies to ensure continued growth of the School’s/subject area’s research profile.
5. Provide guidance to other staff and students on own specialist area.
6. May work/collaborate on original research with colleagues in other institutions.
7. Direct, coach and develop research staff, where appropriate.
8. Senior Lecturer: Contribute to peer review of assessment.


1. Deliver teaching and assessment activities within own area of specialism including lectures, setting/marking coursework, practicals, and field work to undergraduates and postgraduates.
2. Select appropriate assessment instruments and criteria, assess the work and progress of students by reference to the criteria and provide constructive feedback to students.
3. Seek ways of improving performance by reflecting on teaching design and delivery and obtaining and analysing feedback.
4. May oversee research students as directed by Head of School.
5. Supervise practical work where it is part of the course, and advise students on techniques.
6. Plan and develop independent teaching contributions and contribute to the design or revision of course units.
7. Help to develop appropriate teaching approaches and contribute to curriculum development.
8. Senior Lecturer: Degree programme design.


Administration/Contribution to the Community:
1. Contribute to the School’s outreach strategy by developing external links.
2. Provide pastoral care for students within own area to ensure that all issues are dealt with in a timely, sympathetic and effective manner.
3. Carry out designated School administrative duties, including, for example, committee work, course administration etc. as appropriate to stage of career.
4. Be responsible for the record–keeping associated with teaching and the preparation of teaching materials.
5. Senior Lecturer: Contribute to the management of the School by taking on appropriate roles such as Director of Education, Programme Co-ordinator or other recognised official University roles.
6. Senior Lecturer: Act as a mentor or appraiser to colleagues, including Teaching Assistants, advising on their personal development and ensuring that they are meeting required standards.
7. Senior Lecturer: May sit on University committees.


Planning and Organising:
1. Plan and manage own teaching and tutorials as agreed with mentor and/or Head of School.
2. Design/update modules in line with the teaching strategy of the subject area and School.
3. As module leader, co-ordinate with others (such as support staff or academic colleagues) to ensure student needs and expectations are met.
4. Plan and prepare research papers to meet publication deadlines.
5. Prepare research proposals for submission for external funding.
6. Senior Lecturer: Be involved in strategic planning for the subject area and for the School and may contribute to the University’s strategic planning process.


Resource Management Responsibilities:
1. Manage teaching and research resources, laboratories and workshops as required.
2. Manage, as appropriate, external funding relating to research project.
3. Act as mentor for students in capacity of personal tutor.
4. As appropriate assist in the development of skills and competence in others (for example through the supervision of research students).


Internal and External Relationships:
1. Member of the School Board and Examination Board and such committees relevant to administrative duties.
2. Collaborate with other staff within School.
3. Participate in and/or develop networks, for example to identify sources of research funding, contribute to student recruitment, to build relationships for future activities.
4. Contribute to the School’s outreach programme by establishing links with local community groups, industries etc.


1. Primary degree.
2. Completed PhD in a relevant area of Portuguese Studies.
3. A record of publication and scholarly activity, commensurate with stage of career, in research within the field of Hispanic Studies that will enable the post holder to be returned to a future Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise at the threshold required by the University.
4. Evidence of the ability to make a significant contribution to the research profile of Spanish and Portuguese Studies and to the School of Modern Languages.
5. Clearly formulated and sustainable research plans.
6. Ability to attract funding at a level commensurate with stage in career.
7. Evidence of relevant teaching experience at tertiary level.
8. Evidence of ability and willingness to contribute fully to the administrative activities of Spanish and Portuguese Studies and the School of Modern Languages (commensurate with career stage).
9. Native or near native fluency in Portuguese and English.
10. Must demonstrate:
• Ability to communicate complex information clearly.

• High level of analytical capability

• Balanced judgement

• Interpersonal skills

11. Engagement in continuous professional development.
12. Must demonstrate full commitment to the post.

13. Ability and willingness to engage in cross-School activities.


1. Specialisation in postcolonial studies or post-1900 peninsular literary/cultural studies.
2. Research experience in postcolonial studies or peninsular literary/cultural studies.
3. At least 3 years teaching experience in Portuguese studies at tertiary level.
4. Experience of course/programme co-ordination and/or design.

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