Software Engineer

We are currently looking for a Software Engineer to integrate product development team participating in the development
of end-to-end product functionalities driving the long-term product strategy defined by INOVRETAIL, with the following key responsibilities:
– Participate in the delivery of Product Releases or Sprints, playing the role of software engineer according to the needs
of the product release/Sprint and the methodological approach;
– Collaborate closely with other engineers;
– Become a valued member of an autonomous, cross-functional team;
– Share Know-how within the company (informally or formally through formative and informative initiatives);
– Provide technical consultancy to implementation teams.

Required Degrees
– Honours degree. Post-graduation recommended

Technical Requirements
– Minimum of 2 years of work experience;
– Experience in the following programming languages: MSSQL Server, JavaScript, C#, Python;
– Experience with GIT;
– Experience in the design, development and release of product functionalities.

Other Requirements
– Good team working attitude with analytical and creative problem solving abilities;
– Strong communication skills;
– Proficiency in English;
– Availability to travel.

To apply, send a copy of your CV/Linkedin profile to [email protected]

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