Recruta-se Chef para Xangai

Chef Wanted ,with experience to Western restaurant in Shanghai, China, necessary experience in Mediterranean food, It will be mainly a Portuguese tapas style (petiscos portugueses) and some twist on other Italian and Spanish classics.

The desired profile is of someone with imagination and especially mastery of the integrated management of the kitchen, costs, dishes, kitchen staff, etc.

It is valued positively you know languages or methods to communicate with multicultural teams.

You will be in charge of preparing the entire restaurant menu, with full freedom of decision about it, as well as kitchen and their staff.

Salary is negociable (starting with minimum of 1100€ until 1500€ ) based on the experience of the chef in question).

Working Permit VISA will be arranged along with a Round trip.

Great opportunity for cooks who want to prove themselves or seek a change to the experience of becoming a great chef.

Starting date:Imeadiatly
Interested send CV to be possible with a presentation to [email protected] or call skype id: jhvcalvario (china hour +8GMT).