Junior Sous Chef – 6* Cruises

We are Recruiting Junior Sous Chef (M/F)

PEOPLECONQUEST, a Human Resources National Company in ongoing expansion, is currently recruiting Junior Sous Chef for a renowned 6* deluxe Cruise Company with the following profile:

Position Title: Junior Sous Chef
Reports to: Executive Chef

Job Summary
Manage all food preparation in crew/officer galley, ensuring that company’s high culinary standards are maintained within the established budget. Assist the Executive Chef in his duties as requested.
Position directly supervises: Crew Cooks

Essential Functions
• Assist with meeting budgeted food cost targets and savings for the entire operation.
• Assist with maintaining company standards for food service and achieving the galley’s annual goal for scores on the crew comment cards.
• Assist with establishing and monitoring standard operating procedures throughout the ship.
• Ensure that HESS compliance and Public Health (US/UKPH) standards are upheld.
• Supervise crew galley and crew/officer mess to minimize waste.
• Evaluate performance of crew galley staff per Seabourn personnel policy.
• Manage re-use and incorporation of surplus food from various outlets.
• Ensure that policies and procedures for the food program and crew menu cycles are established and followed.
• Ensure recipes are followed and high standards of cooking maintained.
• Co-ordinate cleaning and maintenance of crew/officer mess facility with the Chief Steward.

Secondary Functions
• Attend the crew/officer restaurant during service frequently to solicit feedback about cuisine.
• Assist in training crew galley staff involved in food preparation.
• Supervise the maintenance of, and staff training on crew galley equipment.
• Control traffic to keep unauthorised personnel out of the crew galley area.
• Attend comment card meetings with Executive Chef de Cuisine.
• Control waste, minimize grocery breakage, and monitor garbage separation.
• Ensure that company standards for uniforms and personal hygiene are followed.
• Manage Time and Attendance of all crew/officer mess personnel, minimizing overtime.
• Ensure that crew galley staff thoroughly understands dishes for all meals.
• Ensure that crew galley requisitions adhere to company standards.
• Assist with turning over stock of slow moving items in Provision.
• Conduct physical spot checks of all fresh produce storage in Provision.

Job Requirements
• Thorough knowledge of cruise ship catering operation and food preparation for various nationalities.
• Thorough knowledge of food preparation, presentation and preservation procedures.
• Knowledge of USPH and other international Public Health rules and regulations, supplemented by attending the company’s Basic Food Hygiene course every two years and achieving a minimum score of 80%.
• Effective planning, problem-solving and implementation skills.
• Strong command of the English language including writing skills.
• Ability to create and maintain food promotions and other activities to support crew/officer wellness.
• Ability to train and motivate a team.
• Ability to innovate and foster creativity.
• Ability to manage work schedules according to business levels.
• Ability to organize and complete work to meet deadlines.
• PC knowledge of: MXP and Windows.
• Fluent in interpreting and implementing company work.

Updated passport is required

Please forward your CV, in English, to [email protected] with the following reference in subject: Junior Sous Chef – 6*

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