Executive Sous Chef – 6* Cruises

We are Recruiting Executive Sous Chef (M/F)

PEOPLECONQUEST, a Human Resources National Company in ongoing expansion, is currently recruiting Executive Sous Chef for a renowned 5 stars deluxe Cruise Company with the following profile:

Position Title: Executive Sous Chef

Reports to : Executive Chef

Department: Hotel

Job Summary:
Management of all shipboard food preparation to ensure that the line’s high culinary standard of cuisine is maintained within the budgetary limitation established as company policy. Assists the Executive Chef in his duties.
Position directly supervised: Chief Butcher, Executive Pastry Chef and Chief Baker.

Essential Functions:
• Assist to strives food cost targets and savings for the entire operation as determined by the company’s budget;
• Assist to maintain the company standards for food service and to achieve the yearly goal for the galley scores in the guest comment cards;
• Assist that all standard operation procedures are in place, adhered to and being followed throughout the ship;
• Ensures that all pertinent Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP) and Safety Management System (SMS) and Public Health (US/UKPH) standards are being upheld;
• Supervise butcher shop to ensure that all meat items are being properly handled during storing, defrosting and preparation and to minimise waste;
• Supervise pastry and bakery to ensure that all baked goods are prepared with a minimum of waste;
• Setting up “Art Culinaire” cooking demonstrations and “Celebrity Guest Chef” programs, which are determined by the company;
• Actively involved in yield and portion control in conjunction with Executive Chef;
• Control that the company’s food program and basic menu cycles are in place and followed according operating procedures and policies;
• Supervise crew menu cycle to make sure that sufficient and well-balanced food is prepared and served.

Secondary Functions:
• Maintain a visible profile by visiting the restaurant after service to receive guest feedback about cuisine;
• Assist in training sessions for galley staff that is involved in food preparation;
• Oversee the care, treatment and training on galley equipment;
• Control inventory and maintenance records of durable (non-food) items;
• Control galley traffic to keep unauthorised personnel out of the area;
• Perform comment card meetings with Executive Chef de Cuisine;
• Ensure that waste control is in place, grocery breakage minimised and garbage separation followed;
• Make sure that uniform and personal hygiene guidelines are followed according company standards;
• Control overtime sheets of all entitled personnel. At the same time to ensure that overtime is kept to a minimum level;
• Make sure that wait staff understands all dishes prepared for lunch and dinner – Menu briefings to be maintained in accordance with RM/ARM;
• Ensures that all galley outlets are requisitioning products from stores as needed in accordance to the controls that are in place;
• Maintain log sheet of all liquors and wines for food preparation in galley;
• Assist loading on the pier that all-perishable food items are of highest quality before bringing on board;
• Actively involved to turnover stock when it comes to slow moving items in Provision;
• Maintain physical spot checks in all fresh produce fridges in Provision.

Job Requirements:
• Thorough knowledge of cruise ship catering operation;
• Thorough knowledge of food preparation, presentation and preservation procedures;
• To be knowledgeable of the USPH and other international Public Health rules and regulations by participating in the company’s Basic Food Hygiene course every 2 years and achieving a minimum of 80% pass, but should also participates to the USPH course in Miami and get a refreshment course every 5 years;
• Effective planner, problem solver and ability of successful implementations;
• Formal degree in food management from a recognised International culinary institution;
• Proof of continuing education translated in certificates or letter of participation in specialized courses;
• Strong command of the English language combined with writing skills;
• Ability to execute and follow up on food promotions and other activities that will increase guest cruising experience;
• Ability to train and motivate a team;
• Ability to conduct cooking demonstrations on front of guests and crew;
• Ability to innovate and foster creativity;
• Ability to co-ordinate and implement work schedules according to business levels;
• Ability to organize and complete work in accordance to deadlines
• PC knowledge of: Crunch Time and Windows 2000;
• Fluent in interpreting and implementing company work rules.

Send your CV, by email, to [email protected] with Ref.Executive Sous Chef – 6*

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