Executive Pastry Chef – 6* Cruises

We are Recruiting Corporate Executive Pastry Chef (M/F)

PEOPLECONQUEST, a Human Resources National Company in ongoing expansion, is currently recruiting Waiter for an international 6* deluxe Cruise Company with the following profile:

POSITION: Corporate Executive Pastry Chef
STATUS: Exempt
LEVEL: Manager

DEPARTMENT: Food & Beverage

REPORTS TO: Manager Culinary Operations

Responsible for establishing the high end food product with in the Seabourn Fleet.

Management of all shipboard Pastry operations to ensure that the line’s high standards
of cuisine are achieved and maintained within the budgetary limitations established as
company policy.

Rotates between various ships and the corporate office.

This position will require extensive traveling and it is anticipated approximately 60% of the time will be traveling.

Supervises the Executive Pastry Chef in all aspects of food. Provides general assistance to the Manager Culinary Operations.

Onboard accommodation will be a passenger suite; in case a suite is not available, a single crew cabin will be provided.

Establishes and maintains standards for the consistent production of new cuisine.

Monitors the performance of the entire pastry operation and other related food production
Staff to insure that their duties and services are carried out in accordance with the regulations and current instructions provided by SCL.

Evaluates and reviews the pastry operations staff’s performance as per SCL policy in cooperation with shipboard management.

Ensures that all food items are being properly handled according to U.S. Public Health
Service policy.

Supervises the entire pastry operation.

Sets up production schedules, composition of pastry teams, job assignments and operation flow in cooperation with the Executive Pastry Chef and Executive Chef.

Determines which piece of equipment is to be used for each dish in cooperation with the Executive Pastry Chef and Executive Chef.

Liaises with the Executive Chef / Hotel Manager/ Corporate Seattle regarding galley/ pastry operation matters.

Liaises with other shipboard departments regarding food operation matters.

Meets periodically with shipboard management to discuss the objectives of his/her visits,
Progress observed and results achieved.

Writes a “Trip Report.”

Keeps the Manager Culinary Operations continually informed on matters relating to his/her field of activity.

Develops a training program designed to teach basic preparation techniques in small incremental steps that is rigorously taught, evaluated and monitored on board.

Conducts ongoing formal and informal training of all pastry staff, and other food-related staff in the basic skills and knowledge necessary to execute their duties.

Trains the Maitre d’hotel and service staff on how to introduce the pastry menus to the guests at each meal. Develops a formal program for receiving guest feedback at every meal from the Maitre d’hotel and service staff.

Ensures that pastry operation staff follows standardized recipes at all times.

Continues his/her own education by staying abreast of trends, following new cook books and professional and shelter magazines. Makes a formal presentation of trends to the Executive Pastry Chef, Executive Chef, Hotel Manager and galley staff during each visit.

Holds a formal meeting during each visit to the vessel that is independent of other meetings where the Pastry staff and Executive Chef can discuss any issues desired.

Concepts dessert menu cycles as per current market situation, will work closely with the Corporate office in Seattle.

Implements new pastry menu cycles as per current instructions provided by SCL.

Develops an individual presentation and a photographic record of each dish.

Recommends changes to the Corporate Food & Beverage Department when adjustments
are necessary to the line’s recipes and/or item standards.

Monitors overall food consumption and preparation within the pastry to ensure that waste is minimized.

Monitors the pastry’s waste and yield management closely.

Monitors and analyzes food cost/consumption data and results within the pastry.

Conducts physical food inventory (spot-checks) on each visit to a vessel and advises
SCL of his findings.

Advises on food product and equipment specifications.

Monitors equipment function, breakdown and repair. Performs a weekly survey during
visits with engineer to check temperature and function.

Liaises with the Hotel Manager and Provision Master on
provision storeroom operations, including procedures for ordering, receiving, storing,
issuing, and inventory control.

Develops a food item consumption booklet that allows corporate hotel purchasing to dictate ingredients and quantities to be delivered to each vessel.

– Thorough knowledge of cruise ship catering operation.
– Thorough knowledge of pastry foodstuffs.
– Thorough knowledge of pastry preparation, presentation and preservation.
– Thorough knowledge of galley/ pastry equipment.
– Thorough knowledge of menu construction/engineering.
– Thorough knowledge of Public Health and Sanitation’s regulations and procedures.
– Thorough knowledge or purchasing systems, records and procedures.
– Effective planner, implementer and problem solver.

– Must have successfully completed U.S.P.H.S. course on vessel sanitation.
– Must have a degree in culinary arts from a recognized institution.
– Must have extensive experience in food operation aspects of shore-based
hotel and cruise ship catering.

– Knowledge of quality control standards and practices.
– Ability to create criteria for productivity.
– Ability to coordinate special events and promotional programs.
– Ability to plan, organize and complete work in accordance with time deadlines.
– Ability to delegate tasks and check work in progress and upon completion.
– Ability to select, train, supervise and evaluate the work staff.
– Ability to identify potential within the crew for advancement.
– Ability to develop pride, professionalism and a high level of morale amongst crew
along with a commitment to quality.
– Ability to interact tactfully and effectively with staff, management and customers.
– Ability to communicate effectively with others, orally and in writing.
– Ability to read, interpret and follow work rules and specifications in English.
– Ability to maintain confidentiality of company and personal related issues.

– Able to work odd hours and on weekends and holidays.

Please forward your resume, in English, to [email protected] with the following reference in subject: Corporate Executive Pastry Chef – 6*

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