Professores e Professores Assistentes para ‘The Aarhus School of Architecture’ na Dinamarca

Aarhus School of Architecture

A Escola De Arquitectura ‘The  Aarhus School of Architecture’ na Dinamarca, está a recrutar Professores e Professores Assistentes para a sua equipa.

The Aarhus School of Architecture is a research and educational institution under the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. The school’s mission is to:

  • offer academic, profession oriented Bachelor and Master’s degree programmes in architecture at the highest level as well as PhD programmes within fields of the architectural profession
  • offer profession oriented continuing and further education within the fields of the architectural profession up to and including the Master level
  • to carry out research and artistic development work at the highest level with the aim of continually qualifying the education, the practice of the discipline, and the cross-disciplinary integration of architecture


The Aarhus School of Architecture has approximately 800 students and employs a staff of approximately 160. The scientific staff are distributed over 14 different academic environments.

The Aarhus School of Architecture has an annual budget of approximately DKK 100m.

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Positions available at the Aarhus School of Architecture:

  • professorship in Architectural Heritage
  • professorship MSO (with special responsibilities) in Transformation
  • assistant professorship in Architectural Materials, Construction and Processes of Production