A Nike procura Português para Barcelona


A Nike está a contratar para a sede em Barcelona – Departamento de Tesouraria e Cobranças para posição em que exige o Português.

Main tasks
cash and credit collection
Fluent in written and spoken Portuguese is a must.
Fluent in written and spoken English.
Credit Cash Collector
Performs credit management related activities with responsibilities related to customer portfolio management including, but not limited to, DSO management, collection strategies, reducing credit risk and interest expenses by keeping trade receivables as low as possible. Part of the objective is to ensure country expertise build-up in EHQ and Locally.


50% Cash Collection

Initiate the collection process for uncontested overdue invoices. Agree with customers on payment plans when needed. Inform the credit analysts about the customer?s payment behavior. Work together with collection agencies across Europe. Communicate customer account status regular to the sales force.

30% Portfolio ManagementKeep the customer records electronically up to date, reconciled and accurate. Liaison with the accounts receivable specialist for timely and accurate cash application. Analyze the aging on an every-other-day basis and use the system functionality (e.g. keep notes, assign tasks, system to do lists) for daily organization of tasks.

10% Phone Coverage

Professionally answer in-coming telephone calls from Retailers and internal stakeholders. Be a trustworthy business partner and live up to your promises and manage expectations of the caller.

5% Validation & Reporting

Weekly reporting of top overdue customers. Ensure weekly call out of top 5 issues together with solution proposal. Initiate collection metrics. Provide feedback on customer?s credit status and potential bad debt risk. Monitor actual collections, customer DSO and aging % against targets set.

5% External Service Support, Liaison and Communication

Meet and work regular with credit analysts at EHQ and local country credit team to increase the quality of order management and assist with the order release decision process. Interface with query management team to solve queries and disputed invoices. Meet with customer as and when required

Foster consumer & Customer commitment

Communicate Effectively
Lead & influence others

Contribute special expertise

  • University education related to Finance, Business Administration or similar.
  • Experience of 2-3 years in finance, specifically with mass consumer accounts.
  • Finance analysis knowledge (Balance sheet and P&L analysis,) for credit assessment, based on previous financial and/or accounting experience.
  • Accounting knowledge is required.
  • Computer skills, especially with Excel
  • High ability to work in a team.
  • Fluent in written and spoken Portuguese is a must.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.
  • High negotiation, and comunication skills


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