Blueberry Grower – UK

Blueberry Grower

Hall Hunter Partnership, England

Area of Responsibility: Grow Blueberry plants/crops that deliver/exceed budgeted Class I yield targets and enable delivery of productivity targets (kg/h and £/kg). Deliver crops at times required by the market with berries that look and taste great, delight the customer, are quick to pick, and have minimum wastage.

Reporting to: The Farm Manager
Location: Colworth Farm, Chichester, West Sussex, England
Contract: Permanent
Start Date: as soon as possible

Main Responsibilities
• Day to day growing responsibility for both protected and outdoor grown blueberries, both in pre-production and production stages
• Timely implementation of all tasks and growing operations to a very high standard – driven by clear understanding of plant stage, plant physiology, current and expected climate conditions and disciplined planning
• Clear vision of ultimate goal (what type of plant am I growing, what’s the final output) delivered through a clear strategy and ‘green finger’ approach
• Plant care including pest management, irrigation, weed control, feeding, pruning, supporting and training.
• Climate management including ventilation, use of shade net, wind breaks, different poly types
• Fertility and substrate management and selection

Applicants: Must have minimum 5 years commercial growing experience, preferably with Blueberries and relevant qualification in agronomy, horticulture, or food production. Must have an enthusiastic approach and possess a strong interest in learning and self-development, with a desire to fast track their career. Must speak English and be able to work both individually or in a team. We are looking for an organised, responsible, flexible and motivated person with good communication skills.

Applying: If anyone would be interested in applying for this position please leave your details in the farm office. You do not need a CV to apply. Please write a short paragraph explaining your skills and work experience. If you prefer you could apply electronically at [email protected]

This is a full time position which would suit someone looking for long term career.

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