Arquitetos e designers de interiores para a ‘We Like Today’ em Brighton

we like today

A empresa de Arquitetura/ Design de interiores ‘We like Today’  está a recrutar arquiteto/ designer de interiores.

We Like Today is looking for interior designers/architect to join its team in Brighton, UK.

Interior designers/architect
Brighton, UK

We Like Today are interdisciplinary designers. Of architecture/interiors and graphics. We have great projects. Which have got greater. We require great people. The optimistic, the curious and the self motivated. To conceive, grow and build ideas and relationships.

We are looking for:

Middleweight designers

If you have an awareness, desire and capability to design the type of places that people have always wanted but don’t know how to ask for. If you were raised on ideas and are communicative, convivial and confident. With good reason. Let us know. We would like to work and grow with someone just like you.

Project architect (with proven hotel experience)

If you have and do initiate, motivate, and make great things and places happen. If you obsess about integrity, detail and quality, with a belief in creativity and doing things better. And would like to build a team and opportunity for a variety of projects. We would like to work and grow with someone just like you.

Please tell us your experience, aspirations and expectations, including salary. With CV and examples of your work.

[email protected]