A Microsoft procura Engenheiro para Lisboa

A Microsoft recruta Engenheiro para os escritórios de Lisboa, vê abaixo o perfil procurado.

GBS PFE Mission Statement
Premier Field Engineering (PFE) provides technical leadership for Premier customers around the world to promote health in their IT environments through onsite, remote and dedicated support services. As part of Microsoft’s Global Business Support (GBS), PFE is focused on the Operations Phase of IT services based on Microsoft Technology.

What does this mean?
Premier Field Engineering (PFE) is part of Global Business Support and Microsoft Services. PFE provide various proactive and reactive services to our Enterprise customers to increase systems availability, resolve critical issues, and ultimately improve the health of our customers’ environments. To ensure the skills to troubleshoot and maintain our customers IT services are in line with Microsoft best practices our PFE team consists of highly trained engineers. When things do go wrong we provide rapid on site expertise to resolve critical situations worldwide 24*7.

PFE Delivers 

•Onsite proactive and reactive services to our Premier customers around the globe
•Short term engagements through Rapid Onsite Support and proactive engagements (technology workshops & health checks)
•Long term engagements with Dedicated Support Engineering
•Services delivered by highly skilled engineers with deep technical expertise

So do you want to be part of this exciting part of the business? Proactively working with Microsoft’s Premier enterprise customers, enabling them to make the most out of their technology to move their business forward?

We need individuals that:
•Possess deep technical expertise in at least one technical specialty and can solve complex technical problems through sound, creative troubleshooting. You will also need to be able to examine possible workarounds and escalations as required
•Set an example of excellence as a Microsoft representative, enhancing the company’s image and reputation through your credibility, preparation, commitment and first-class delivery
•Enjoy the challenge of creating your own space by expressing your creativity, acting as an entrepreneur and envisioning desired and valuable outcomes for customers
•Demonstrate strong communication skills; ability to develop strategic ongoing customer relationships, gain trust and respect for the company. Engineers must also possess strong technical writing, presentation and training skills
•Enjoy team work, and actively contribute to your peer group as well as our customer account teams.
•Provide first class support for our biggest MS customers in EMEA
•Communicate at various levels from CIO to the technical staff on the ground

•Experience in the enterprise customer arena
•Understanding of complex operational challenges of IT service management
•Face-to-face customer engagement skills
•Self-dependent working style
•Excellent written, oral and presentation skills in Portuguese and English
•Troubleshooting knowledge & skills
•MCSE or equivalent qualification
•Degree qualification or equivalent experience
•Good understanding of ITIL/Service Management
•Commitment to work in virtual teams across Europe to create standardized proactive and reactive services
•While primarily focusing on Portuguese customers, availability to travel up to 50% of the time is a plus

A Database Premier Field Engineers should be experienced in working with LOB applications, where the data layer plays a critical role.

While our key relationships are typically with our customer’s IT/Administration teams, Premier Field Engineers will also find themselves working with development, engineering teams and architects, so there’s the need to be confident working on high-level architectural decisions as well as technical details.

The Core role requires depth knowledge in a number of the following technologies / areas:
•Experience working with different versions of SQL Server (2005/2008/2008 R2 and 2012) and with all the different features included on the Product:
oDatabase Engine
oAnalysis Services (Multi-dimensional, Tabular and Powerpivot)
oReporting Services (Native and Integrated Modes)
oIntegration Services (Development and Performance Troubleshooting of packages)
•This experience should be translated in 3/5 years (minimum) working as a:
oDatabase Administrator
oBusiness Intelligence (BI) Consultant
oOr as a Development Consultant working on both segments (Database Engine and Business Intelligence)
•Troubleshooting skills, is a must have requirement, to be able to work on difficult scenarios where the problem could be related with installation, configuration or performance of SQL Server components and/or with any component of the infrastructure that support them, with special attention to the Windows Operating Systems (Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 and 2012).
•Experience working with High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions, with special attention to Failover Clustering solutions and scale-out architectures (Analysis and Reporting Services)
•Working with complex applications would require the need to perform performance reviews, of the different technologies, on scenarios where those software pieces are geographically dispersed.

The following areas may also be beneficial:
•SQL Server Replication knowledge.
•Experience to work with SharePoint and SharePoint BI features.
•Experience with Office Client, especially with Excel application.
•Ability to deliver workshops or perform presentations in front of technical and non-technical audiences.

Job Segments: Consulting, Engineer, Developer, Field Engineer, System Administrator, Technology, Engineering